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The Works of Henry George and Notable Georgist Scholars

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Henry George's Works: Digital Archive

Progress and Poverty

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 1987

This classic bestseller in political economy launched a worldwide movement for the abolition of privilege and poverty—by eliminating the root cause, land monopoly. Ever since the publication of Progress and Poverty, advocates of liberty and justice have responded to its clarion call: “To abolish all taxation save that upon land values.”

Progress and Poverty (abridged version)

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 2006

The classic Progress and Poverty has been edited and abridged for modern readers by Bob Drake.

The Science of Political Economy

Henry George believed that, “[O]f all the sciences, political economy is that which to civilized men of today is of most practical importance.” In his last work, George presents economic principles in a logical, encyclopedic system, encompassing concepts of wealth, ownership, value, money and semantics.

Social Problems

Doubleday & McClure Company, 1898

“The progress of civilization requires that more and more intelligence be devoted to social affairs, and this not the intelligence of the few, but that of the many. We cannot safely leave politics to politicians, or political economy to college professors. The people themselves must think, because the people alone can act.” Many readers consider this collection of essays to be the best introduction to the ideas of Henry George.

Protection or Free Trade

Doubleday & McClure Company, 1898

Henry George endeavors to determine whether protection or free trade better accords with the interests of labor, and to bring to a common conclusion on this subject those who really desire to raise wages.

A Perplexed Philosopher

A brilliant commentary on Herbert Spencer’s various writings on the land question, and his synthetic philosophy.

Condition of Labor

John W. Lovell Company, 1891

An Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII –1891

The Land Question

First published in 1881 as “The Irish Land Question”

Property in Land

A Passage-at-Arms between the Duke of Argyll and Henry George.

Online Speeches and Shorter Works by Henry George

The Causes of Business Depression

Single Tax Information Bureau

“There is but one cure for recurring business depression.  There is no other.  That is the single tax …”

Justice the Object - Taxation the Means

Doubleday Page & Company, 1904

Address in Metropolitan Hall, San Francisco, February 4, 1890 on way to Australia.  Contained within Our Land and Land Policy.

The Land for the People

Land & Liberty, 1937

Supplement to “Land de Liberty,” August, 1937. Delivered at Toomebridge, in Ireland.

Scotland and Scotsmen

“Land Values” Publication Department, n.d.

An Address delivered on February 18, 1884 in the City Hall, Glasgow, Scotland.

Utility and Futility of Labor Strikes

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, n.d.

From an article by Henry George, appearing in The Cleveland Recorder, September 5, 1897.

The Study of Political Economy

Doubleday Page & Company, 1904

A lecture delivered before the students of the University of California, March 9, 1877. Contained within Our Land and Land Policy.

What We Stand For

Reprinted in The Standard, October 22, 1887

A speech delivered at the 25th meeting of the Anti-Poverty Society, in the Academy of Music, New York. Reprinted in The Standard, October 22, 1887.

Crime of Poverty

The Joseph Fels Fund of America

An address delivered in the Opera House, Burlington, Iowa, April 1, 1885, under the auspices of Burlington Assembly, No. 3135, Knights of Labor, which afterwards distributed fifty thousand copies in tract form.

Land and Taxation

Doubleday Page & Company 1904

A conversation between David Dudley Field and Henry George, first published in the “North American Review”, July, 1885.  Contained within Our Land and Land Policy.


Scottish Single Tax League, 1884

Delivered in St. Andrews Hall, Glasgow, Scotland.


Reprinted in The Standard, 1889

An Address by Henry George at the annual meeting of the Duchess Branch of the Universal Peace Union. Reprinted from The Standard, September 21, 1889.

The Single Tax: What it is and Why we Urge it

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 1996

An article published in The Christian Advocate in 1890 and thereafter reprinted in various magazines in the United States and England.

"Thou Shalt Not Steal"

Doubleday Page & Company, 1904

An address at the second public meeting of the Anti-Poverty Society, in the Academy of Music, New York, Sunday evening, May 8, 1887. Contained within Our Land and Land Policy.

"Thy Kingdom Come"

Doubleday Page & Company, 1904

A sermon delivered on Sunday, April 28, 1889, in the City Hall, Glasgow, Scotland. Contained within Our Land and Land Policy.

Foreign Language Versions of Books, Speeches, and Shorter Works by Henry George

Progreso Y Pobreza


Progress and Poverty – Spanish

Progres Et Pauvrete

Progress and Poverty – French

  • PDF Document

Schutz oder Freihandel

Protection or Free Trade – German

Problemas Sociales

Social Problems – Spanish

Un Filosofo Perplejo

The Perplexed Philosopher – Spanish

El Crimen De La Miseria Por Henry George

Conferencia pronunciada en el Teatro de la Opera, de Burlington, Iowa, el 1.° de abril de 1885, bajo los auspicios de la «Burlington Assembly», núm. 3.135, Caballeros del Trabajo.

Venganos El Tu Reino by Henry George

Venganos El Tu Reino by Henry George.

Progreso Y Pobreza

Bob Drake edit

Progress and Poverty – Spanish

Progresso E Poverta

Progress and Poverty – Italian

Proteccion o Libre-Cambio

Protection or Free Trade – Spanish

Socialize Probleme

Social Problems – German

Henry George Y La Reconstruction Del Capitalismo

Dr. Robert V. Andelson
Profesor Emerito de Filosfia de la Universidad de Auburn, y Miembro Investigador Distinguido del American Institute for Economical Research

Traduccion Y Prologo Por Fernando Scornik Gerstein

  • PDF Document (link coming soon)

El Impuesto Único Lo que es y por qué lo pedimos por Henry George

Un artículo publicada en “The Christian Advocate” (El Abrogado Cristiano) en 1890.